1. Book - Tell us about your event via our contact form and we’ll confirm.

  2. Shoot - BOB will turn up, dressed in black on black, and capture your event.

  3. Deliver - BOB will edit and export your images and video, ready for delivery. 


No deposit is needed to book Black On Black - Event Photo and Video. Once the event has been captured you will receive a tax invoice from us. We accept payment via bank deposit or transfer. We also accept payment via credit card however this does incur a 4% credit card fee.

Attached to your tax invoice you will receive a ‘License Of Use / Media Rights’ which details the terms of use for your images or video. This License Of Use is not valid until full payment is received.

All prices exclude GST.


  1. Meet & Brief - When BOB arrives at your event we’ll greet you with a smile. We’ll quickly run through the brief you’ve already sent through (via our online form) to ensure we’re on the same page and nothing has been missed. Then off we go.

  2. Touching Base - We’re more than happy to touch base through out the event to review images or video - just let us know at the beginning of the event how much contact you want from us.

  3. Good Bye - Once our coverage time is up or the event has finished we’ll track you down to say goodbye. This is when the editing process begins - communication will continue via email.

Note; If you require additional hours, please let us know as soon as possible so we are able to accomodate. It is not guaranteed we’ll be able to accomodate additional coverage requests on the day.


Our team of photographers and videographers are skilled individuals who understand the event industry. With a fun-loving approach, we enjoy capturing events and telling the story you’re creating. As a service provider we work hard to deliver quality content and a relaxed, professional experience. 

A BOB photographer or videographer is typically well groomed and, true to nature, dressed in black on black. 


A quality brief is important. We understand that each event is different and there are key focuses to capture. We have tailored a custom brief form that you can fill out online. This allows you to share your requests and thoughts with us before the event so that we’re clued up and ready to go on the day. This form takes 5-10 minutes to fill out.


Images are delivered in JPEG format - 4000 pixels on the long edge, 300 dpi quality. A typical image file size ranges from 1- 3 MB approximately. This format is small enough to share easily via online and social media, yet large enough to print in small scale.

Videos are delivered in MP4 format - 1080p HD quality. A typical video file size ranges from 100 - 300 MB approximately. This format is small enough to share easily via online and social media, yet large enough to retain high definition quality. 

If you have any special requests regarding file format, please let us know. 


Your images and video are delivered based on a 5 day turnaround, unless otherwise specified. You may require urgent turn around (within 24 hours) or on-site editing (A short summary of images edited and delivered on site) which can be requested as an add-on for an additional fee.


Images and video are delivered via an online storage system (dropbox / googledrive). You will receive an email containing a hyper-link connecting you to a private website where you are able to view and download your content.


A ‘License Of Use / Media Rights’ is delivered along side your tax invoice. The license details the terms of use applied to the images or video. Put simply, the license tells you what images and video are covered, where you can use them, how you can use them and for how long. 

All images and videos include a basic License Of Use - this allows you to download and share their images and video for publicity purposes only. Uses include; within New Zealand in perpetuity, shared via unpaid online, digital, social media and print. This does not include paid marketing campaigns.

For additional uses a commercial License Of Use must be negotiated. An additional fee may apply.